A Good WD Method for DNA Pro Trading Robot Members, Net 89, ATG, Fahrenheit and others, you can try it

A Good WD Method for DNA Pro Trading Robot Members, Net 89, ATG, Fahrenheit and others, you can try it

global.gerbangindonesia.org – A Good WD Method for DNA Pro Trading Robot Members, Net 89, ATG, Fahrenheit and others, you can try it.

Members of the trading robot Net89, DNA Pro, Fahrenhet, Auto Trade Gold, and others can listen to this method to speed up withdrawals (WD)

Currently, many members of trading robot companies that have been declared illegal by CoFTRA and the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) are still facing problems with withdrawing their investment funds.

Even if there is someone who can do it, they have to go through a complicated procedure, not immediately liquidated, and in small installments

Government Blocks Operation of Trading Robot Company

The trading robot companies admitted that they could not process the WD of their members because the government blocked the operations of their trading robot companies.

In response to this, Pablo Benua’s lawyer provided an alternative way for members of the trading robot to do WD.

Pablo stated that many leaders and management of trading robots responded casually to WD’s request because they considered members to have no bargaining power.

Therefore, said Pablo, members must be able to push back the management of trading robots by reporting them to the police.

“The key for you to be able to do WD is to make them (trading robot companies) feel pressured,” said Pablo Benua quoted from the Rey Utami & Benua YouTube channel, Monday, February 28, 2022.

Furthermore, Pablo Benua said that the way to put pressure on the management of the trading robot company was to report it to the Police.

Pablo stated that these trading robot companies had been declared illegal by CoFTRA, therefore, Pablo Benua advised not to hesitate to report them to the police.

Even in a letter that has been released, CoFTRA they say that they will assist with all legal processes needed to help if a trading robot member is harmed.

According to Pablo, the charges that can be brought to the police are general crimes of fraud and embezzlement.

This can be done because CoFTRA and the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia have never issued operational permits for these robot trading companies.

Pablo said he had gone this way. Together with his team of lawyers from Pablo Benua and Co, he admitted that he had reported the top brass of trading robots and ended up being successful in helping members carry out the WD process.

“There is one trading robot that has been declared illegal and reported by us (Pablo Benua and Co) to the police, finally he asked for peace and he paid what our client lost,” said Pablo Benua.

That way, Pablo hopes that if this method is done it can help other members in carrying out the WD process and can compensate for the losses experienced by the trading robot members.

As is known, throughout 2021, CoFTRA blocked 1,222 websites related to illegal investments. These include 336 trading robots such as Net89/SmartX, Auto Trade Gold, Viral Blast, Raibot Look, DNA Pro, EA 50, Sparta, Fin888, Fsp Akademi Pro and other similar companies.

These companies are suspected of violating the Commodity Futures Trading Law and Direct Selling Business Permits issued by the Ministry of Trade.

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