Cooperating with Disney, Zenius Launches the ZeniusLand App

Cooperating with Disney, Zenius Launches the ZeniusLand App – Cooperating with Disney, Zenius Launches the ZeniusLand App

Zenius and Disney officially present ZeniusLand. This application offers a concept as a playground and digital learning for children to explore new knowledge interactively.

Zenius CEO Rohan Monga said, “ZeniusLand comes with an exciting and fun learning experience for elementary school students in Indonesia.

“Zenius’ collaboration with Disney will strengthen our core values, namely Smart, Bright and Fun. Zenius will continue to support the advancement of education in Indonesia in an exciting and fun way,” said Rohan in his official statement, quoted on Sunday (20/2/). 2022).

Combining Zenius’ pedagogical expertise with the magic of Disney’s fantasy world, the ZeniusLand app will help develop a child’s fundamental and critical thinking skills.

So that they can understand concepts and materials through contextual learning.

Packed with game elements, the materials on ZeniusLand are designed to build self-motivation and help students learn at their own pace.

First introduced in September 2021, the ZeniusLand app is now increasingly equipped with a wide selection of content such as Disney and Pixar-themed stories and activities.

Examples of these characters include Elsa, Moana, Dory, WALL-E, The Incredibles and others.

Interactive materials including learning videos, exercises and game-based activities will encourage children to explore the exciting missions on the platform and put what they have learned into practice.

Besides Disney characters, students can also enjoy their learning adventure with the presence of the original Zenius Tiga Sekawan characters.

Each of the characters in Tiga Sekawan represents each of the main values ​​that Zenius recommends in early childhood education.

For example, Gika represents the ability of logic, Maji for imagination, and Aksara for literacy.

With ZeniusLand, parents can also watch their children’s learning materials, buy learning packages, view report cards and learning progress, and get learning recommendations that are suitable for their children.

“With the presence of Disney-themed content and activities in our application, Zenius hopes that children will be inspired to become active learners who think critically,” explained Rohan.

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