Crypto Adoption Will Continue to Increase, This is the Driver

Crypto Adoption Will Continue to Increase, This is the Driver – Crypto Adoption Will Continue to Increase, This is the Driver

The digital world and technological developments during 2021-2022 have gone through many challenges and progress. Foreign issues and politics of interest from several countries have direct and indirect impacts on blockchain technology as well as crypto.

Crypto adoption continues to increase

However, worldwide crypto adoption continues to increase every year and the phenomenon will continue to repeat itself in the years to come. In addition, in Indonesia, crypto adoption will continue to grow.

CEO of one of the Indonesian crypto exchanges Triv, Gabriel Rey shows a data on the development of crypto adoption globally in 2021 at the NFT Virtual Seminar – Between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Risk & Opportunity.

“Globally, Indonesia is ranked 7th in the world based on the number of crypto users,” Gabriel said, Thursday (24/2/2022).

By 2021, global crypto ownership rates will average 3.9 percent, with more than 300 million crypto users worldwide and more than 18,000 businesses already accepting cryptocurrent payments.

In addition, Gabriel said, demographically, crypto ownership is mostly owned by men, namely 79 percent, compared to women at 21 percent. Meanwhile, from the age sector, as many as 58 percent of crypto owners are under 34 years old.

“Therefore, I think the development of crypto will be more effective in the next generation, because the next generation will be more tech savvy than the previous generations,” explained Gabriel.

The rapid adoption and development of crypto can also be seen from the growing number of NFTs around the world.

“NFT is currently growing and increasing, it shows that crypto is also continuing to increase, because NFT requires crypto for transactions,” said Gabriel.

Infrastructure maturity

Crypto Adoption Will Continue to Increase, This is the Driver

The past year has been a thriving infrastructure maturity and decorelation of the industry and individual crypto coins. The crypto infrastructure has grown significantly.

As a result, the price of many cryptocurrencies is determined more by the value and functionality of their protocols and applications than by their correlation to Bitcoin.

Ethereum also greatly surpassed Bitcoin in 2021, with a return of 399.2 percent due to the explosion in popularity of NFT and the creation of Olympus-like DeFi 2.0 protocols (OHM).

That way, crypto adoption will continue to increase from year to year. Because since the launch of the first crypto, Bitcoin, its users have never decreased, but have continued to increase.

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