Get Platform NFT One Of, Grammy Starts Exploring NFT World

Get Platform NFT One Of, Grammy Starts Exploring NFT World– Get Platform NFT One Of, Grammy Starts Exploring NFT World

For the first time this year, the Recording Academy has teamed up with NFT platform Oneof to offer NFT Grammys, including 64 unique limited-time NFTs with reinterpretations of the iconic gramophone. Even some NFTs will also be included with tickets to next year’s Grammys.

Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said the partnership with Oneof was only the first step for the Recording Academy into the crypto space and hopes to do more.

He said NFT is the direction music and entertainment is going in the digital space and another way for artists to monetize their work.

The Recording Academy advocates on behalf of musicians, songwriters, artists, and producers to ensure they can monetize their work, are paid properly, and their intellectual property is protected and paid for appropriately.

“NFT and other digital revenue sources are expected to complement that and at some point will probably become a very large part of how music people earn,” said Mason, quoted from Yahoo Finance, Friday (8/4/2022).

“NFT is like any other digital or social media platform providing artists and creators, be they songwriters, producers or in our ecosystem. The opportunity to have another opportunity to reach out to their fans, to communicate with them more directly.”

Music Industry Disrupted

Get Platform NFT One Of, Grammy Starts Exploring NFT World

Mason explained that the Covid-19 pandemic had quite disrupted the music industry, which made artists stream on various platforms to introduce their works.

“You see different forms of digital interaction with consumers and fans. You see artists need to be closer and more in tune and in touch with their fans and followers and a lot of it because of Covid,” said Manson.

In addition, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance is also a sponsor of this year’s Grammys. This is even more convincing, the Recording Academy is serious about getting into the crypto industry.

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