Get to know Cartesi Coin Owned by Cartesi Smart Contract

Get to know Cartesi Coin Owned by Cartesi Smart Contract – Get to know Cartesi Coin Owned by Cartesi Smart Contract

Cartesi takes smart contracts to the next level that can solve the pressing problems of scalability and high cost on blockchains by implementing an optimistic roll-up variant.

Cartesi also revolutionized smart contract programming by allowing developers to code with the main software stack. Noether is a Cartesi side chain optimized for short data, providing low-cost data availability for DApps.


In a nutshell, Cartesi is a layer 2 infrastructure for blockchain that allows developers to code highly scalable smart contracts with the main software stack on a Linux VM.

Cartesi also has its own utility crypto token, the Cartesi Coin or often called CTSI. Cartesi Coin can be used in Cartesi’s ecosystem. Users can also use the staking feature for CTSI tokens.

What Makes Cartesi Unique?

What gives Cartesi a competitive advantage as a layer 2 solution and optimistic rollups is that it allows developers to code their smart contracts and DApps directly with key software components and Linux OS resources.

It represents more of a gradual improvement for decentralized applications. This is an important step towards the maturity of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Founder of Cartesi

The most important asset for Cartesi is a very strong team of professionals, researchers and engineers who are passionate about creating and implementing new things in the blockchain realm.

Cartesi is made up of a team that comes from very high profile backgrounds, real-world experience at top companies like Microsoft Research, and PhDs from top universities like ETH Zurich and Princeton.

Cartesi Coin Price

Get to know Cartesi Coin Owned by Cartesi Smart Contract

Based on Coinmarketcap data, Friday (25/3/2022), the price of the Cartesi Coin is IDR 5,480.95 with a 24-hour trading volume of IDR 321,257,478,569.

CTSI is up 0.12 percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, Coinmarketcap’s current rating is 262 with a market capitalization of IDR 2,861,780,792,422. Until now, there has been a supply circulation of 522,132,328 CTSI out of a maximum supply of 1 billion CTSI.

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