How to Play Good and Wise Beginner Stocks

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Stocks are indeed one of the most tempting investment instruments for beginners. The reason is, stocks are investment products that offer profit potential with a fairly high dose. With that profit potential, of course there are more than one steps that you must understand in starting how to play beginner stock at this time. A good and wise way to play stocks for beginners is a vital element in carrying out investments on a regular and organized basis in order to improve your financial situation.

Steps to determine how to play a good and wise beginner’s stock

In choosing a good and wise way to play stock for beginners, you must ever convince yourself, whether stocks are the right investment instrument for you to do at this time. The reason is, how to play beginner stocks also requires a strong commitment, because stocks are usually used as a vehicle for long-term investment. In order to give an understanding image regarding how to play stocks for beginners that are good and wise, here are the steps that you must pay attention to when you start investing in stocks as a beginner,

1. Understand the basics of stock

In starting a good and wise beginner’s way of playing stocks, you must know the basic knowledge about investing in the stock itself. Regarding the basic knowledge of Seham, you will come across technical terms that will be confusing at first. So that you are lighter in determining how to play stocks that are good and wise, you can first identify the meaning of stocks.

In generic terms, shares are often interpreted as a sign of capital participation from a person or other party which includes a business entity. In other words, the equity or share participation is valid in a corporation or limited liability company. Apart from generic stock socialization, when you start to play beginner’s stock regularly, you will also find the term GMS which is an abbreviation for Shareholder Generic Kedap. The fundamental benefit of the GMS is to accommodate the aspirations of the shareholders in determining the right policies that affect the growth of a business entity.

GMS is one of the terms or elements that you must understand when starting to play beginner stock. Not only that, the deeper you learn how to play beginner stocks, you will also find other terms, such as issuers, and dividends that you must understand in depth.

2. Learn stock analysis

As you know in the beginner’s way of playing stock, you find the stock convoy will continue to change every second. For more than one layman, the factor in determining the stock convoy was admitted to be a mysterious thing. In fact, if you try to practice a good and wise beginner’s way of playing stocks, you will find that in-depth analysis can help you in determining the convoy of stocks. Studying stock analysis is not something you can do in a short time.

It would be nice in tracking how to play stock for beginners carefully, you start investing in stocks by involving brokers who are more understanding and experienced. Of course you have to pay for the services of the broker. But what you will spend later, will present a commensurate value from what you get from a good and wise way of playing stocks.

Knowledge of good stock analysis as a first step in how to play beginner stocks will also make it easier for you to choose which stocks to own. You can also apply this analysis in reading the portfolio of each company with your target stock.

The basic knowledge of corporate stock portfolios as a reference for how to play stock for beginners can provide vital information about the fundamental financial strength of the corporation. So that you can determine the stocks that are good and work for your long-term investment.

3. Perform futures transactions

Fundamentally, with a large capital, of course you will get a big profit opportunity later. So from that, often novice investors will start carrying out stock investment transactions in large and spontaneous amounts of capital. Impulsivity is in fact also present a big risk as well. Another good and wise way to play beginner stocks that you can follow is to run futures transactions.

Understanding futures transactions is not vital. You need to start with very small capital. Initial capital with a large value is commonplace. But you have to be patient to increase the stake you have in each transaction. Make sure you have achieved the desired return content so that your capital funds remain conducive to making further investments.

4. Avoid debt

Futures stock transactions will also help you avoid debt risk. Debt to invest is not a good and wise way to play stocks for beginners. The reason is, from the stock investment that you make, there is a goal to increase financial power in the layover era. If you are in debt, then the goal will not be carried out properly. You might even keep investing to pay off debt. With debt that has the potential to slowly build up, you will be further away from the initial goal that you have set through stock investment.

5. Buy stocks when the value drops

As a beginner, it’s better if you start buying stocks for the first time while the value of your target stock is falling. One of the good and wise ways to play stocks for beginners also plays a role in maintaining your financial situation to remain in a stable situation. With a relatively low start-up capital, you add a conducive feeling for you to learn to understand stock investing immediately.

Not only that, the stock that you buy when it’s down also has the potential to increase in value in the future. With an increasingly developed understanding of analysis, you can also have the opportunity to determine when the value of the shares you own will increase. If you are running an investment scheme for the long term, then this good and wise way to play beginner stocks can be an alternative for you to carry out.

6. Get to know LQ45 and IDX30 stocks

Lq45 and Idx30 refer to the existing stock indices issued by the Indonesia Impact Exchange (IDX). The stock index consists of various types of stocks with high levels of liquidity and large market capitalization and is also supported by good corporate fundamentals. By owning a high level of liquidity stock, you will have the opportunity to be able to sell your shares quickly while having predictable growth. This is a good and wise way to play stock for beginners.

As a novice investor, stocks are indeed a good stock instrument to increase your financial power. However, with such a high risk profile, there are countless things you should look out for before starting to invest in stocks. If you want to start investing, it would be better if you choose an investment instrument with a relatively conducive risk profile compared to stocks, one of which is bonds. Not only that, bonds also offer flexibility in investment schemes in the short and long term. If you are interested in starting investing with bond instruments, you can choose CIMB Niaga as a trusted bond provider forum. Together with CIMB Niaga, you can have the opportunity to earn a profit in the form of coupon income with a certain interest rate until maturity and have a fixed maturity date. Potential increase/appreciation in initial capital when traded is registered with the custodian bank on the name of each customer. Periodic coupon income, potential increase in your initial capital, as well as your data as an investor registered with the custodian bank to provide security for you. You can carry out bond transactions anywhere and anytime with OCTO Mobile and OCTO Clicks.

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