illegal Investment Rises, More and More Money Gives Education About Crypto Tokens

illegal Investment Rises, More and More Money Gives Education About Crypto Tokens – Bodong Investment Rises, Sribuu and More Money Gives Education About Crypto Tokens

Cryptocurrency investment is one of the digital investments that is currently on the rise. However, due to the lack of information and many cases of fraudulent investments, many people are afraid to start investing.

This is also a serious concern for Nadia Amalia as CEO of Sribuu, which is a financial management application. Also Robert Harianto the owner of Lagi Cuan. The two of them recently held a webinar titled #ReadyMakinCuan.

According to Robert Harianto, this crypto currency is also the currency of the future which is now starting to be recognized by the Indonesian people as the latest investment product whose popularity is increasing every year.

Meanwhile, the issue of cryptocurrencies made by a number of Indonesian artists such as Anang Hermansyah and Syahrini, according to Robert Harian, has its advantages and disadvantages.

“In foreign countries, crypto influencers are not artists or celebrities, but successful entrepreneurs. An example is Elon Musk as a Dodge Coin influencer. In Indonesia itself, usually the ‘direction’ of society is still artists and celebrities,” said Robert.

The positive impact, said Robert, is that the Indonesian people know that cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be applied to many things. On the negative side, sometimes people lack research and are exposed to FOMO (fear of missing out), because of their desire to follow the trend that is being carried out by their idols.

Robert Harianto and Nadia Amalia then provide tips for those who will invest in crypto:

1. Consistency

Consistency is one of the keys to investment success. By diligently setting aside your monthly income for investment, you will have more savings in the future.

2. Avoid greed

Avoid greed and FOMO when making crypto investments. Do not immediately spend all your investment funds on one crypto asset that you believe will skyrocket in price. While FOMO will lead you to impulsive buying.

“Always have funds for fun; (buying crypto when prices are low). Don’t be greedy at first by buying a crypto asset because you believe that this one asset will go up drastically,” explained Robert.

3. Don’t use “hot money”

“Hot money” or can be defined as money that you need to meet your daily needs, is not money that can be used for crypto investments.

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