Mark Zuckerberg’s Prediction of Future Jobs, What is it?

Mark Zuckerberg's Prediction of Future Jobs, What is it – Mark Zuckerberg’s Prediction of Future Jobs, What is it?

Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg predicts that in the future, everyday work requires more imagination. This was said by him on the occasion of being a guest on the MIT Lex Fridman program “Lex Fridman Podcast” recently.

Launching CNBC, Friday (25/3/2022), the Meta CEO said that as modern technology develops, work will focus more on technology that is increasingly dominating the world. Not only the type, but the process may also be replaced by technology.

“I think the creative economy and the metaverse will be great. There will be more people in the future working with creative things than today, we will only consider traditional work or services,” he said.

However, this is only his prediction that comes from personal experience. When he first launched Facebook in 2004, coding helped build something useful, he says.

Now, he added, he watches his daughter code art, to type equations to create visual and artistic expression.

The Future Will Involve Digital Art

Zuckerberg went on to say that he didn’t mean every future work would involve digital art. However, automating some basic systems — allowing children to easily create artwork through code, for example — would allow a person to spend more time completing tasks, such as creating new products and making old processes more efficient.

The concept itself is not really that new. For years, technologists have predicted that artificial intelligence will eventually replace humans. Especially in relatively mundane tasks, such as compiling a spreadsheet or writing basic code.

Thus, theoretically, people will be able to spend more time analyzing and brainstorming – because it requires creative and critical thinking that artificial intelligence cannot imitate.

“This efficiency-enhancing technology is fantastic for eliminating the need for human involvement in time-consuming back-office tasks or physical weightlifting, in other words enabling humans to focus more on intellectual weightlifting,” Ernst & Young’s global CTO Nicola Morini Bianzino wrote in a post. blogs last year.

Robot Application

Mark Zuckerberg's Prediction of Future Jobs, What is it

Without realizing it, that development may have already occurred. The Covid-19 pandemic is able to accelerate the application of robots into everyday life. Whether it’s at toll booths, hospitals, and dining halls across the country.

In October 2020, the World Economic Forum predicted that data entry, secretarial, accounting, manufacturing, and mechanical jobs are likely to disappear by 2025.

The forum estimated that as many as 85 million jobs could be lost in the next few years. Even that number may change, perhaps far beyond these estimates.

The jobs were mostly in fields, such as digital marketing, business development and data analysis, which tended to require creative and critical thinking skills, the report said.

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