NFT GameStop Marketplace Will Launch July 2022

NFT GameStop Marketplace Will Launch July 2022 – NFT GameStop Marketplace Will Launch July 2022

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GameStop has officially announced that it will launch the company’s NFT marketplace in July 2022. On Thursday local time, during a fourth-quarter earnings call, GameStop provided investors with a timeline for its NFT marketplace launch.


During the event, GameStop also confirmed its partnership with Immutable X (IMX) to launch the GameStop NFT marketplace.


“In this partnership, GameStop receives the equivalent of up to USD 150 million in IMX tokens upon the achievement of certain milestones,” said GameStop, as quoted from Yahoo Finance, Thursday (24/3/2022).

GameStop also revealed that the company has recruited employees from the blockchain gaming, e-commerce, technology and product marketing industries. This is done to welcome the launch of the NFT market which will soon be launched.

GameStop is not the only retailer to enter the NFT market, with trading volumes at record highs from January and intense interest in NFT drawing companies from a wide range of industries into the NFT space.

The NFT market has become more competitive in recent months and will become more active in the months to come. LooksRare (LOOKS), a competitor to OpenSea’s NFT marketplace, entered the NFT space in January, amid a surge in trading volume.

Warner Bros Jajaki NFT Melalui Rilis Trading Cards DC

NFT GameStop Marketplace Will Launch July 2022

Previously, the number of world giant brands that were interested in entering the NFT world had increased. Previously, big names including McDonalds, Walmart, Red Bull, and Victoria’s Secret had jumped first, now it’s Warner Bros.’s turn.

This week, Warner Bros. announced plans to create DC Comics trading cards. In collaboration with Cartamundi, Warner Brothers Consumer Products will launch physical trading cards and hybrid NFTs, reported by Yahoo Finance, Monday, March 21, 2022.

They will also present a platform called Hro which will provide a place for the NFT components of the DC trading cards.

With this hybrid trading card, fans can own a physical card, with NFT elements printed on the Immutable X ethereum-based blockchain (ETH).

Each Hybrid card features a DC character equipped with a unique code that connects the physical card to its digital twin in the Hro app.

On the Hro platform, there is a leaderboard feature, with special rewards on offer. Hro also allows DC fans to interact with other fans across the network.

This NFT Hybrid package is priced starting from USD 4.99 or around IDR 71,414 which contains 6 different card sets. However, Warner Bros. also provides a Mega Booster Box package, which consists of 168 cards, at a price of USD 119.99. or around Rp. 1.7 million.

With the NFT space getting busier, competition is likely to become even fiercer among the NFT markets with combinations like Coinbase, OpenSea, and LooksRare.

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