Paris Becomes a ‘City of Love’ on Valentine’s Day

Paris Becomes a 'City of Love' on Valentine's Day – Paris Becomes a ‘City of Love’ on Valentine’s Day

Couples flocked to Paris, France on Monday (14/2/2022) to celebrate Valentine’s Day against the romantic backdrop that romance-stricken people around the world dream of. Tourists take pictures with their backs to the Eiffel Tower, and their hands are entwined in a heart.

An engineer from Rome, Matteo Di Pomponio, surprised his fiancé with a trip to celebrate their engagement in the City of Love.

“What better city than Paris to celebrate love. There was an idea to go on this trip and I am very happy to be able to make this surprise,” said Matteo Di Pomponio.

Next to them, Meli Figun, 26, poses with roses for her photographer boyfriend. For the Argentinian girl, the romantic appeal of the city of Paris is more than just a cliché.

“When you are in love, you enjoy it in another way I think. You see the magic and that’s the most important thing. If you are positive and want to see something beautiful, you will see something beautiful,” said Meli Figun.

Ines Smaili and Badr Guerouali moved to Paris from Morocco and lived in the city for many years before moving to Lyon.

The couple happily posed outside a flower shop adorned with a sea of ​​red roses, but both said that Paris’ aura had faded a bit.

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