Pharmaceutical Retailers in the United States Explore the NFT World

Pharmaceutical Retailers in the United States Explore the NFT World – Pharmaceutical Retailers in the United States Explore the NFT World

Pharmaceutical retail giant CVS filed a series of trademark filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on February 28, 2022, and the registrations were published on March 4.

CVS filed for trademark CVS-Health #97287237 discussing a number of virtual items and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). This is explained in the concept. Section 1(a) submission.

“Downloadable virtual goods, namely, various consumer goods, prescription drugs, health, wellness, beauty, personal care products, and general merchandise for use online and in online cyberspace,” read CVS’s trademark filing letter, quoted from, Monday (21/3/2022).

Similarly, section 1(b) describes digital assets and digital collections sold as NFTs. CVS Health’s virtual goods and digital collectibles trademarks follow a number of well-known companies that have also filed metaverse and NFT related trademarks with the USPTO.

One of the first companies to register a trademark was fast food giant McDonald’s, which filed a metaverse-related trademark with the USPTO in mid-February.

Then Walmart filed for a trademark related to Metaverse and NFT in mid-January. New Balance, Puma, and Crocs have also filed for the metaverse trademark recently.

Ukraine to Launch NFT Museum of Russian Invasion

Pharmaceutical Retailers in the United States Explore the NFT World

Previously, the ongoing invasion from Russia had caused the Ukrainian government to resort to various means of defending and fighting back. Ukraine has now announced that it wants to show the world some moments of war in the form of NFT.

A few days ago, Ukraine revealed further plans to raise funds by selling NFT. Ukraine will display art depicting news about the Russian invasion.

In an interview, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation, Alex Bornyakov, said the NFT collection would be like a museum of the Russian-Ukrainian war. He further reveals they will tell the world about the war in the form of NFT.

The country has developed new ways to use digital assets to help fund its defenses. Funds received from the Ukrainian war NFT collection will be used for the country’s war effort.

“We are not using these funds to buy weapons at this time. We are buying night vision goggles, optics, helmets, bullet-proof vests,” Bornyakov said, quoted from Yahoo Finance, Thursday, March 17, 2022.

Later, each NFT will represent a work of art that depicts a story from the war. In addition, according to Bornyakov, the collection is expected to feature something cool.

The government first announced a proposal to launch an NFT on March 3 after scrapping plans to send gifts to people who donated crypto for state causes.

The use of digital assets has played an important role in the Russo-Ukrainian war. According to Bornyakov, Ukraine’s digital diplomacy has paid off. Several social media platforms have blocked Russian state media such as Russia Today and Sputnik.

The total amount donated to Ukraine in cryptocurrencies has surpassed USD 83.5 million as of last week. Of that amount, 52.54 percent of the direct donations went to the Ukrainian government. In addition, Bitcoin and Ethereum combined make up 67.73 percent of all donations.

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