Warner Bros. Explores Through DC Trading Cards Release

Warner Bros. Explores Through DC Trading Cards Release

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An increasing number of world giant brands are interested in entering the NFT world. Previously, big names including McDonalds, Walmart, Red Bull, and Victoria’s Secret had jumped first, now it’s Warner Bros.’s turn.

Warner Bros

This week, Warner Bros. announced plans to make DC Comics trading cards. In collaboration with Cartamundi, Warner Brothers Consumer Products will launch physical trading cards and hybrid NFTs.

They will also present a platform called Hro which will provide a place for the NFT components of the DC trading cards.

With this hybrid trading card, fans can own a physical card, with NFT elements printed on the Immutable X ethereum-based blockchain (ETH).

Each Hybrid card features a DC character equipped with a unique code that connects the physical card to its digital twin in the Hro app.

On the Hro platform, there is a leaderboard feature, with special rewards on offer. Hro also allows DC fans to interact with other fans across the network.

This NFT Hybrid package is priced starting from USD 4.99 or around IDR 71,414 which contains 6 different card sets. However, Warner Bros. also provides a Mega Booster Box package, which consists of 168 cards, at a price of USD 119.99. or around Rp. 1.7 million.

NFT Weekly Sales Volume Increases 17 Percent

Warner Bros. Explores Through DC Trading Cards Release

Previously, after cryptocurrency assets surged in value this week, following the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, NFT’s weekly sales volume data showed an improvement from last week’s sales metric.

In terms of seven-day sales volume, its aggregated NFT sales volume increased 17.86 percent this week to USD 457 million or around IDR 6.5 trillion.

NFT sales volume has recovered this week after weeks of declining sales volume. According to statistics from cryptoslam.io, a 17.86 percent increase was seen across 15 different blockchain networks. This was reported by Bitcoin.com, Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Blockchain Ethereum(ETH) achieved the most sales volume with USD 398 million of total sales for the week. Ethereum-based NFT sales have increased by 21.61 percent through 64,347 NFT buyers and 158,169 transactions.

Of the top ten blockchains by NFT sales volume this week, Avalanche-based NFT sales jumped 41.06 percent. Other notable sales increases came from Flow up 13.95 percent and Binance Smart Chain up 17.54 percent this week.

The next metric shows the ranking of the top NFT collections by sales volume over the past seven days placing Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) at the top of the rankings. BAYC NFT sales this week jumped 301.26 percent, bringing in more than USD 74.5 million in Ether-based sales.

BAYC’s NFT derivative project Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) also saw a spike this week. NFT MAYC’s sales this week have increased by 321.80 percent with a volume of USD 52.7 million.

The third-largest collection over the past seven days in terms of sales is Meebits, an NFT compilation that soared 708.11 percent this week in sales volume.

In terms of this week’s top NFT market based on sales volume over the past seven days, Opensea takes the top spot. Opensea’s sales volume was followed by Looksrare, Bloctobay, Mobox, Atomicmarket, Magic Eden, and Nftrade.

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