You Must Know, These Are The Types Of Car Apart And How To Use It

You Must Know, These Are The Types Of Car Apart And How To Use It – You Must Know, This Is a Type of Car Fireplace and How to Use It

Fire extinguishers are now not solely provided in buildings or generic facilities. A light fire extinguisher or Apar, must also be in the car. Types of car fire extinguishers that are commonly used vary, depending on the material used.

In the car, this fire extinguisher is recommended to be placed in a safe area and the most important thing is that it is visible and also easy to reach. This is so that the tool is easy to take when needed.

What is a Car Fire Extinguisher?

APAR (Easy Fire Extinguisher) is a tool used to extinguish fires when a small fire is running. This tool must be available on a car as a preparation or anticipation if needed at any time.

At first this tool does not need to be on four-wheeled vehicles. But since 2020, the government has issued a regulation that requires every four-wheeled vehicle to provide the tool. The impact of this provision will of course be punished for vehicle owners who violate it.

The obligation to provide a fire extinguisher in the car takes into account the situation where there is often a moment that triggers a fire in the car. The moment of a fire that runs will certainly trigger losses, including endangering the safety of drivers and passengers.

The provision of the APAR is not borne by the car owner. However, the provision has been prepared by the manufacturer or car assembler. Just like when buying a Suzuki VIN 2021 car, the car is already equipped with a car fire extinguisher.

Types of Car Fire Extinguishers

There are several types of fire extinguishers for this car. The classification of this car APAR model is based on the function of the fire extinguisher itself. The use of the APAR type is also based on the type or strata of the ongoing fire.

Fire itself is divided into several categories. Usually to extinguish a fire, the fire extinguisher used must also be in accordance with the category of fire. The types of fire extinguishers are as follows.

The first type of fire extinguisher is the water fire extinguisher. As the name implies, this fire extinguisher uses water as a tool. In other words, the material or materials used to extinguish fires in this style of fire extinguisher is water.

This fire extinguisher is the most appropriate tool used to extinguish fires that are included in category A fires. As previously explained, fires are divided into several categories based on their cause.

Category A fires are fires caused by non-metallic materials. For example, a fire that takes place on materials made of wood, paper, cloth, rubber, and other materials that are not made of metal.

This type of fire extinguisher works by spraying water with too high a pressure to extinguish the fire causing the fire. This APAR model is also the most economical fire extinguisher.

APAR Foam is a fire extinguisher that uses chemicals to extinguish embers. The chemicals used will form foam when sprayed. The foam is what will cover the coal that causes the fire.

When the AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam is sprayed and covers the coal, automatically no oxygen can enter. Thus, the coal will run out of oxygen and will then be extinguished.

This foam fire extinguisher is used to extinguish fires from Category A and Category B fires. Category B fires are fires caused by liquid materials. Examples are oil, alcohol, and solvents as well as other liquid materials that can trigger fires.

  • Chemical Powder Fire extinguisher

The next model of APAR is Chemical Powder APAR. This model fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher that can be used to extinguish Category A, Category B, and Category C fires. In contrast to Category A and Category B fires caused by certain materials, Category C fires are fires caused by the electrical genre. Here the fire occurs because there is a problem or problem in the electrical genre. For example, because of a short circuit or short-circuit interaction.

This Chemical Powder Fire extinguisher has the materials used to extinguish the fire made from dry chemical powder. The dry powder is made from a combination of two chemicals, namely mono-ammonium and ammonium sulfate.

The dry chemical powder used is useful for sealing burning materials. Furthermore, the dry powder will separate the oxygen from the burning material, so that the coal can be extinguished. This type of fire extinguisher is not recommended for use in an industry, because it can damage equipment.

  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are fire extinguishers that use carbon dioxide to extinguish fires. This fire extinguisher is too effective for use on Category B fires caused by flammable liquids, and Category C fires caused by electricity. Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound consisting of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. The two atoms are covalently bonded, and are a colorless and odorless gas. Carbon dioxide is very effective at extinguishing fires.

This carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used to extinguish fires because the characteristics of carbon dioxide which have a heavier mass come from oxygen. Thus, the oxygen contained in the burning material will be isolated, so that the reaction stops and the heat can be extinguished.

How to use a car fire extinguisher

With a provision that requires every car to be equipped with a fire extinguisher, of course, every car driver must also understand how to use this tool, so as not to experience difficulties when using it.

Fires in cars are usually caused by liquid substances, such as gasoline and car oil. Therefore, the right APAR for cars to extinguish fires in cars is a fire extinguisher that uses powder or powder materials.

The first step in putting on the fire extinguisher is to access the safety lock or seal of the fire extinguisher. Each fire extinguisher is equipped with a safety lock, to ensure the material inside is safe and does not leak. This safety lock is only opened when this fire extinguisher is to be used.

The final step is to press the lever and flick the end of the hose toward the heat source. Consistently press the lever so that the powder material that is in the tube can come out, and make sure all surfaces of the burning object are covered by the powder material.

The powder is useful for closing the source of coal, so that there is no more oxygen in the burning object. If there is no more oxygen that can enter, the embers will automatically be extinguished.

Be aware that APAR models are too significant to be able to choose the right APAR. However, what must also be considered are anticipatory steps to prevent fires from starting, and also carry out regular car maintenance so that it is immediately known if certain problems occur.

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